Reasons to Flush Brake Fluid Regularly

To keep your vehicle running, maintenance is essential. Your brake system is an important component of your vehicle, allowing you to come to safe and complete stops when driving. A brake flush is a key way to maintain your brake system and should be done for several reasons.

It Attracts Moisture

The brake fluid in your vehicle is hygroscopic – it attracts moisture that is present in the environment. This characteristic makes changing brake fluid highly important, as moisture can lead to further problems with your vehicle. Your brake system is made of metal, which can corrode if it is consistently exposed to water and components can fail.

Particles Accumulate

As you continue to drive, brake fluid becomes older and particles and contaminants accumulate. As these particles accumulate, the boiling point is reduced, and the brakes may not stop as efficiently or quickly. Though the problem may not be noticeable at first, without intervention your brakes could stop working completely.

brake system flush

When Should I Flush the Brakes?

Vehicle owners should get a brake system flush performed on their automobile regularly, especially if they do a lot of driving. There are no rules in regard to how often systems should be flushed, but in general highway drivers do not need to flush the brakes as often as local drivers. If you’re not sure of when to perform brake flushes, speak with a licensed technician that can look at your brakes and determine the best time to change your brake fluid.

Maintaining your brake system is important to the safety of your vehicle and its functions. Without a properly functioning brake system, you can be at risk of accidents and injuries as well as car problems. Flushing your system gets rid of moisture and particles that accumulate, keeping your vehicle running as smoothly as possible.