Tips For Enjoying A Day On The Water

Enjoying a day on the water can really relax you.  For others, going out on the water can be stressful and filled with dangers and hazards.  If you are someone that is really interested in going out on the water hiring a certified professional to take you and your party out can be a great way to experience what the waters have to offer.  Try booking a chesapeake bay sailing charter for your next day out and see what sorts of adventures you can encounter.

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Take seasick medicine

The last thing that you want to do is get sick on the water.  Unlike land, you can’t just call an Uber and have them come pick you up.  If you want to prevent becoming sick on the water you first want to take some seasick medicine.  You want to take this at least twelve hours before you get on the boat and or follow the specific instructions on the package.  From there you want to stay from being inside.  Stay outside where you can get fresh air.  Going below deck can cause you to get sick much quicker.

Wear the right clothing

For most people going out on the boat, laying on deck and enjoying the rays of the sun are a must.  However, you do want to be aware that the sun is intensified when you are on the water.  Wearing sunscreen, coverups and hats are all required when you are on the water.  Don’t let this deter you from catching some rays, but me aware that if you are not covered you could burn.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water will help keep you hydrated.  When you are on the water you won’t have a lot of to drink.  However, whatever you bring with you will have to sustain you.  Pack accordingly and remain hydrated.